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 Lucifer - "I just need time" Interview

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PostSubject: Lucifer - "I just need time" Interview   Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:01 am

    Ocky: Greetings Lucifer, how are you today?

    Im doing fine, lately ive been practicing a lot. 30-40 games a day for Warcraft 3 and 10 games a day with Random for Starcraft 2. I'm 26 years old now. I just finished the Army about 5 months ago, and im starting to feel comfortable again.

    Ocky: Wow thats quite a lot, is this different then the way MYM used to practice back in the day?

    Its more than I used to practice when I was in very good shape. Now I just think that my skill level and most of my acquired achievements are a gift from god.

    Ocky: It's no secret your probably the best Undead on the planet who still play's, what kind of confidence do you gain from a title like that, does this help you in your games, or do you feel more pressured to live up to your name?

    Lucifer: When I was finished with the army, I had a lot of things in mind I wanted to try out. Two years is a very long time for self-thinking. On my walk back home from the army I just felt like "Its my time now". I had many plans and goals I wanted to accomplish including a pro-gaming career which is my dream and honor, a "normal life" and money like Zacard.
    When I arrived home my brother Michael stood up to me (because he's the only one who can) and told me "Brother I feel like you are special in the game, I dont want you to give up on yourself". So i told him to give me a week to think about it. Then I chose to pursue pro-gaming again.

    Ocky: So going to the army definitely helped clear your mind and help you rethink your goals, not only in life but as a warcraft 3 player also?

    Lucifer: While I was in the army, I was just rethinking all my games again in my head, over and over. When I was 3 I had an IQ of 149, so i have a very good memory. I would just think of ideas, write them down, then fix them and repeat that process over and over. Its really amazing what the mind is capable of when you think outside the box. I have many strategy's I haven't even used yet.

    Ocky: Speaking of your IQ, you and yours being 149. do you believe every player has a skill-cap? Meaning that no matter how hard they train, they cant get better because of that cap, or do you believe practice makes perfect?

    I have over 1000 strategies in my head. But if I don't practice or execute them correctly they will not work. So yes practice is definitely. Like Boxer said "No practice, no miracle".

    Ocky: People have been saying lately your performance isn't what it used to be in Warcraft 3, despite all the thinking and strategy you have generated in those 2 years, do you believe this statement to be true?

    Lucifer: No. I just need time. Now in the WarCraft 3 scene there are a lot of new players that I don't have any memory of. But at StarsWar 6 I won vs Fly100% with my strategy and style. I wanted to win vs him very bad, and I did it.

    Ocky: So your saying that, when your at a main event, or something really big, you really get in the "zone"?

    Lucifer: Sure, youll see. First is WTL, then my goal is to win WCG 20011 War3. But if I don't place top 3 in Korea WCG I will quit Warcraft 3 and only play Starcraft 2.

    Ocky: WCG seems like a realistic goal if you can manage to tackle FoCuS and the other orcs that will be competing with your strategies. ReMind will most definitely end up in groupstage, how do you feel about his current condition and do you have any new strategies for nightelf, or you think standard play should be fine?

    Lucifer: I think this year's WCG will be the hardest for me, because I had to stop playing for 2 years. Theres a huge difference between real life and a game, but I'm not afraid to face anyone. Moon, Lyn, Sky, plus when I play sky I always win. Its too sad one of the best Undead TeD is gone now, but at least I'm here.

    Ocky: About that comment, you recently lost to DkH.Starshaped 2 weeks ago in Zotac, who used a tricky strategy going panda first, and then lost to Sky right after he beat you, how do you feel you would've matched up with Sky's standard play?

    Lucifer: Zotac is practice time for me. I get to try out new strategy's against some of the better players. Theres a difference between a LAN event and Zotac.

    Undead can be a troubling race to play at times, whats the best advice you can give for amateur players willing to improve their game as undead?

    Lucifer: Heres the best advice me and Susiria used to give. "You can do drugs, you can smoke, you can drink, but don't try play Undead"

    Ocky: Advice taken. advice taken. Speaking of Susiria do you talk to him often? What has he been up to?

    Lucifer: These days he is busy with his job, but I do see him occasionally and we go out together for a few drinks.

    Ocky: Recently, you and TyLoo parted ways, can you speak on the core reason why this didn't work out?

    My contract with TyLoo was 3-5 months. The CEO of TyLoo was at StarsWar 6 and never even introduced himself to me. Me and Nicker were together and saw him on the other side of the room. But it was expected, since hes a big CS and DoTA fan. He didn't even know I won vs Fly100% I hated that guy.

    Ocky: How bad do you miss the MYM days competing WC3L and NGL , i know you guys had some fun times?

    Lucifer: I miss them a lot. But I cant tell you what we did when we weren't gaming lol.

    Ocky: Haha. Alright ill wrap this up with some word association. Ill say a word and you say the first that that comes in your mind.

    Ocky: Undead.

    The race requires fastest hands, and made me a pro-gamer.

    Ocky: Moon.

    Lucifer: 5th Race.

    Warcraft 3.

    Lucifer: Dream, hope, pro-gaming.


    Lucifer: INGODHETRUST rofl.

    Siege Tank.

    Lucifer: Nothing.

    Ocky: Food.

    Sometimes you need it, sometimes you dont.


    Lucifer: My soul, my family, my hometown.

    Ocky: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans out there?

    Lucifer: Ill be practicing sc2 for the future. I made #55 Grand Master 3 months ago. But I'm not giving up on Warcraft 3 yet. Plan on seeing good things.

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Lucifer - "I just need time" Interview
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