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All For One - oGzL S2 Champions!
Thu Apr 05, 2012 7:12 am by oGzL.Ocky

    Korea A1 oGzL Season 2 Recap

    Week 1: Korea A1 [4-1] Peru Ls
    Week 2: Korea A1 [4-0] Russia J4S
    Week 3: Korea A1 [4-1] Germany rmC
    Week 4: Korea A1 [4-2] Germany Fs
    Week 5: Korea A1 [4-1] Russia eVo

    Round 1: Korea A1 [4-1] USA IoV
    Semi-Finals: Korea A1 [4-1] Germany DkH
    Finals: Korea A1 [4-1] Germany rmC

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Season 2 Semi-Finals
Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:06 pm by oGzL.Ocky

    Congratulations to the 4 teams making Semi-Finals. Good luck and thanks for being a big part of oGzL S2.


    Korea A1
    Germany DkH

    Germany Fs
    Germany rmC

    Starting Map - Echo Isles

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oGzL Season 2 PLayoffs
Sat Feb 18, 2012 6:52 pm by oGzL.Ocky

    Greetings everyone, sorry this took some time but I've been really busy and no internet does not help either. First I want to thank all the teams for playing in oGzL's second season and I hope you've had fun up to this point. It's really somewhat of a shame I couldn't manage this season as good as I wanted to with the player standings etc, but I am doing the best I can. Even though it has been somewhat difficult the play-weeks still went by week by week and now we are at the grid stage. Congratulations to the 8 teams who made the playoffs.

    Korea A1
    USA IoV

    Germany DkH
    Russia eVo

    Germany Fs
    USA PwNu

    Russia iP
    Germany rmC

    Starting map - Twistead Meadows

    -Russia J4S Great Britan JaGe Peru Ls Europe W3P - Thanks for playing oGzL Season 2!

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Ogzl S2 Week 5
Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:02 am by oGzL.Mook
Welcome to the final play week of Ogzl!! This week is very important for Group A as most of the teams are close in points! Goodluck to all teams

Week 5
Group A
Korea CPLAY.Tt [4-0] Russia eVo Battle Report
Germany Fs [4-0] Peru Ls Battle Report
Germany rMC [4-3] Russia J4s Battle Report

Group B
USA PwNu [4-2] USA IoV Battle Report
Great Britan JAGe [0-4] Germany DkH Battle Report
Europe 3P [0-4] Russia iP Battle Report

Starting Map - Last Refuge

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Internet issues..please be patient.
Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:48 am by oGzL.Ocky

    Internet issues - The story

    Now I know many of the teams and players here are bit from USA and I'm not too sure if local news here makes it internationally. About 4 months ago On the east coast (state of Virginia) there was a 4.5 magnitude earthquake that lasted for 45 seconds and basically everyone on the east coast felt it. There were not many injuries at all but I affected a lot of things underground, such as electricity pipelines and water canals etc. The Internet service provider I use (comcast) uses mostly underground wires etc to a lot of their users, including me. When this happened I lost my Internet for around 3 months. At the time I was helping admin cwl and also managed to keep my wc3 team alive and active from my cell phone, which is actually pretty unbelieveable, I don't like to speak highly of myself but I don't think anyone else I'n the Warcraft 3 scene can pull somthing like that off. But I'll also mention without the help and support of some very good and kind people on wc3 this also wouldn't have been possible, so thanks to those who helped whenever I needed. Anyway, so the technicians and engineered I'n my area had fixed the problem for a short time and I had my inet back. Well just recently the problem relapsed sone how and now I am without internet again. For those of you wondering why updates on the league aren't coming as fast as usual its because for me to make updates I have to travel to the library to use their computers. I hate doing this, it's unconfirtable, the pc"s suck ass , and it's just a hassle. Updates will come, I've made a commitment to myself and all the teams I'n the league, so please be patient. With that being said I ask tgat everyone please follow the rules and do the best they can to make things easier for me I'n this rough situation. Luckily with my iPhone I can still talk to everyone on msn and make basic posts such as this one. Anyways I wish everyone good …

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Ogzl s2 Week 4
Mon Jan 30, 2012 11:44 pm by oGzL.Ocky

    Week 4
    Germany Fs [2-4] Korea A1 Battle Report
    Germany rmC [4-1] Russia eVo Battle Report
    Russia J4S [4-0] Peru Ls Battle Report

    Russia iP [4-0] USA IoV Battle Report
    Germany DkH [2-4] USA pG Battle Report
    Great Britan JaGe [4-2] Europe 3P Battle Report

    Starting Map - Deserted Isles

    Concerning Playoffs
    The playoffs will be held I'n a grid style format. The top 4 teams from each division will compete against each other for a total of 8 teams. Your team will be seeded according to the number of points you have obtained over the 5 original playweeks as well as overall skill. It will be 3 weeks long starting with a ro8. Your cards from the original playweeks will carry over onto the finals bracket so please use them wisely, however only 1 jokercard and 1 subcard may be used for each clanwar so keep tgat I'n mind.

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oGzL S2 Week 3
Mon Jan 23, 2012 4:41 pm by oGzL.Ocky

    Week 3

    Group A
    Korea A1 [4-1] Germany rMc - Battle Report
    Germany Fs [4-3] Russia J4S - Battle Report
    Russia eVo [4-0] Peru Ls - Battle Report

    Group B
    USA IoV [2:4] Germany DkH - Battle Report
    Russia iP [4-0] Great Britan JaGe - Battle Report
    USA pG [4-2] Europe 3P - Battle Report

    Starting Map: Amazonia

    Week 2 Notes
    I see some people are still not submiting the lineups properly before their clanwars. You must have the flag icon next to your players race icon in order to be a properly submitted lineup. I wont tolerate incorrect lineups for week 3. So please refer to the posts below on how to submit the lineup properly. Also please make sure you upload replays from all previous weeks etc. Replays will be taken seriously.

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oGzL S2 Playweek 2 / Week 1 Notes
Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:38 am by oGzL.Ocky

    Week 2
    Russia J4S [0-4] Korea CPLAY.Tt - Battle Report
    Peru Ls [1-4] Germany rmC- Battle Report
    Germany Fs [4-1] Russia eVo - Battle Report

    Great Britan JaGe [0-4] USA IoV - Battle Report
    Germany DkH [4-0] Europe 3P - Battle Report
    USA pG [3-4] Russia iP - Battle Report

    Starting Map:
    Twisted Meadows

    Regarding Week 1 - All managers please read!
    -Lineups must contain the COUNTRY and RACE of the player and be sent by hitting "Submit Lineup" on the navigation menu. Not by email.
    -You must use the flags and race icons in the dropdown box when sending a PM, so you can visually see the lineup.
    -The starting map is not to be played twice, the starting map can only be played once.
    -After your clanwar please post the results on the scheduling page.
    -There are no vetoing of maps. The losing team will pick the next map.

    The standings will be updated at the end of this playweek.

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Season 2 Groups Announced & Week 1 Matches
Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:13 am by oGzL.Ocky

    Group A
    Korea CPLAY.Tt
    Germany Fs
    Germany rmComm
    Russia eVo
    Russia J4S
    Peru Ls

    Group B

    Germany DkH
    USA IoV
    USA pG
    Russia iP
    Europe 3P
    Great Britan JaGe

    You have until Monday 1/16/12 to complete you matches.

    Week 1
    Korea CPLAY.Tt [4-1] Peru Ls - Battle Report
    Russia eVo [4-1] Russia J4S - Battle Report
    Germany Fs [4-1] Germany rmComm - Battle Report

    USA IoV [4-2] Europe 3P - Battle Report
    USA pG [4-0] Great Britan JaGe - Battle Report
    Russia iP [4-3] Germany DkH - Battle Report

    Starting Map: Turtle Rock

    Please Read:
    Id like to give everyone a warm welcome to oGzL S2. I'm excited about the playweeks ahead and I hope you are too. One thing to keep in mind is that PP's will GREATLY affect your team. So please be sure to read over the RULES . We will have gosubet for this league featured on thanks to Korea IGL|Passenger, so you will have people rooting for your team ans also betting! A forfeited clanwar in this league is almost fatal to your teams, success, so please, follow the rules and schedule carefully.

    Replays must be uploaded to the replay database within 48 hours of the completed clanwar. If you fail to submit replays to our database, your team will be given 0.3.pp for each missing replay.
    The password for uploading replays is: ogzl

    Submitting Lineups
    To submit a lineup please click the "Submit Lineup" link in the navigation menu. The lineup will be submitted via PM 30 minutes prior to the cw to the admin or admins. The lineup will include visually the country and race of each player and will also label the Starter of the clanwar.
    Here is an exmaple of how a lineup should look when it is submited:
    USA Nightelf IoV.ReeM <--Starter
    USA Nightelf IoV.Kap
    USA Undead IoV.Ocky
    Canada Orc IoV.OmniSlash


    The clanwar must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the clanwar and Submited to admin via PM. Failre to submit a scheduled time 24 hours before the clanwar will result in PP's for your team.

    If you …[/[/[/[/[/[/

[ Full reading ]
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Group A Standings
A1 16 5-0 0
Fs 9 4-1 0
eVo 0 2-3 0
rmC 1 3-2 0
J4S -5 1-4 0
Ls -18 0-5 0

Group B Standings
iP 14 5-0 0
DkH 7 3-2 0
pG 9 4-1 0
IoV -2 2-3 0
3P -14 0-5 0
JaGe -14 1-4 0

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