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oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
oGzL Rules Vote_lcapoGzL Rules Voting_baroGzL Rules Vote_rcap 
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 oGzL Rules

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PostSubject: oGzL Rules   oGzL Rules EmptyThu Mar 03, 2011 2:30 am

    1.00 - oGzL Information

    League Email:

    1.10: The oGzL is an International League based upon the Central Euro Time (CET) and Eastern Standard Time (EST)
    1.20: The League is GGC based, NOT BNET. GGc is recommended, but when it cannot be used, Bnet is used
    1.30: When using GGC, Always Meet in the Yea League room (1 or 2) unless a different room is agreed by both team managers.
    1.40: When using Bnet, Always meet in the Channel oGzL unless a different room is agreed by both team managers.
    1.50: The Official league email is Anything that is required to be emailed must be sent there and not any other location!
    1.60: Format for the oGzL is based upon the NGL style. Each team has a 4 player pool in which they play Best of 1 matches until one team has defeated all of the other teams players.
    1.70: Each CW has a possible best of 4 Points (one points per win) and possible worst of -4 Points (deduction of one point per loss).
    1.80: Managers are FULLY responsible for their team. This means its the Managers Responsibilty to ensure that their team understands the rules of the league. And any players that represents that managers team must follow the rules of the league.
    1.90: Admins are not required present during each CW, but we will try to have one at each CW. So please refer to the rules if questions or a problem occurs during a CW. If there is no rule present to solve the situation or answer the question immediately attempt to contact a Admin. If one cannot be contacted then email the event of the situation to and attempt to create your own solution that must be agreed by both sides.

    2.00 - Definitions

    2.10: Series = Best of 3 Matches
    2.20: Match = A single game that is a part of a Best of 3 Games
    2.30: BM = Bad Manner
    2.40: CW = Clan War
    2.50: FF = Forfeit
    2.60: PP = Penalty Point
    2.70: Admin = League Administrator
    2.80: Manager = A teams organizer & official that manages the tasks and duties of that team

    3.00 - Scheduling

    3.10: Team Head Managers and/or Sub Managers are solely responsible for making sure their matches are scheduled.
    3.20: Clan Wars cannot be divided up into seperate times, it must be completed at the scheduled time that agreed was agree by both teams during the playweek.
    3.30: Managers from BOTH sides must email the league ( of the scheduled time (Both times must match to verify the scheduled time).
    3.31: Both teams should send in their scheduled time at least one day in advance or they will receive 1 PP.3.40: When scheduling, take into account that although a match begins at the scheduled time, since only 1 game may be played at a time and ther is potentially 7 matches, plan that your players can be present for at least 2-3 hours, because sometimes CW's can last a long time.
    3.50: The Scheduled times MUST be sent before Friday 11:59pm (EST and CET) or your team will receive 1 PP.
    3.51: If only 1 team has sent in the scheduled time, to ensure that this scheduled time is and was confirmed by the other team, we ask that you provide us with proof, otherwise if need a confirmation by the other teams manager. If you do not provide proof and their manager does not confirm it, then your team will be given .5 PP for a false confirmed time.3.60: Teams have (1) Week to complete their CW's
    3.61: Each Week begins on Monday 12:00 am and End on Sunday 11:59 pm (EST and CET)
    3.62: Failure to complete the CW during that 1 week time frame will result in 1 PP for each day played outside of the week.
    3.63: In the event of having a difficult time scheduling and no time during the 1 week period cannot be determined Rule (3.62) will be neglected only if an admin agrees with playing outside of the week.3.70: If a team is unreachable and proper notification of this is made by the other team (such as providing proof on attempting to contact) no PP's will be given and Rule (3.50) will be neglected. If that team still cannot be contacted to the point of going outside of the play week, that team will FF each series not played.
    3.80: If there is difficulty scheduling a match, you MUST notify the admins by email ( The admins will help you get your match scheduled, and if for some reason a time cannot be agreed upon, teams will be forced to play on Sunday @ 8pm EST (Sunday @ 20 CET )
    3.81: In the event of a CW not being scheduled where admins have no notification, teams Must play on Sunday @ 8pm EST. If the teams do not show up for that time, they will both receive 3 PPs and be forced to play the following day @ 8pm EST (20CET) (Continue this process for each day not played).
    3.82: The Default Scheduled Time for unscheduled matches is Sunday @ 8pm EST (20CET) (Refer to Rule 3.81 for details)

    4.00 - Lineups

    4.10: Managers/Sub-Managers are responsible for submitting a lineup via email to can Managers/Sub-Managers send in lineups, lineups from anyone else will not be accepted)
    4.11: Lineups must be sent 30 minutes prior to the start of the Matches start time. Failure to send it on time will result in 1.0PP
    4.20: Lineups must include the players Name, Race(ud, ne, hu, orc, ra), and who the starting player is(Very important that you label someone as the starter!!!).
    4.21: The Race that is given in the lineup is the race that player MUST play all games in the CW.
    4.22: The Name that is given in the lineup MUST match the name on that teams Roster! If it does not match it, the team will be notified and given .5PPs and they must send in a corrected Lineup simply only fixing that player, no other changes can be made to the lineup.
    4.23: If an Admin does not catch the mistake, you're still responsible for making the error and that player will be Forced to FF his series if not Subbed out (Refer to the rules on Subcards for details). If you catch the mistake before the start of the CW, you will only receive .2 PPs. 4.30: If a player plays on an account that is not the same as the one in the lineup they may be asked to confirm who they are with either their Bnet or GGC account, If they refuse or cannot confirm it they will FF the series.
    4.40: Failure to send lineup correctly, on time, or sent in at all will result in PPs.
    4.50: Because the admins can't always guarentee that a lineup will be posted 30 min prior to the match, or even posted before the match is scheduled to start, it is expected that teams still use the exact same lineup that they emailed. Simply exchange your lineup at the start of your CW. If there is any difference in what you played for the CW and what was sent in the lineup, you'll either FF or be given PPs accordingly.
    4.60: In the event of using a International Player, the Manager of the team using the international player should make sure that there is a good host for that player and if the other teams player can use GGc (Make sure you get PROOF of this verification from the other manager!!). If you find that the other teams player cannot use GGc, before the Start of the CW you may send in a new lineup to change that international player for another player on your roster. However, you cannot change that players race, only the player. (You will not recieve PPs in doing this, as long as its before the start of the CW and as long as you only change the player and nothing else in the new lineup)

    5.00 - Clan Wars

    5.10: A Clan War begins according to the Websites USEast timezone ( or CET) that was scheduled and agreed by both teams. (Refer to Rules under Scheduling For Details on other cases)
    5.10: Default Meeting Areas are Channel oGzL via Bnet and Channel Yea League Room 1 or 2 via GGc.
    5.20: Default Hosting must be done by a Neutral Host unless agreed by both managers that a host from another location will be used. (Refer to Rules under Hosting/Lag/Discontent During Matches for details on Hosting)
    5.30: Because this league is NGL style, each team has 20 min from the start of the CW to get their starter present to begin the CW. Before the 20 have past, if their starter is not present they must either sub in a new starter or FF that 1st match and use their next player of choice.
    5.31: You cannot sub in a player that is already on the lineup, you must select a new player from your roster.5.40: Players MUST play the race that is sent in the lineup only for their 1st Game! Only when that player wins and moves to a 2nd round may they change races(and every round after that they win).
    5.50: There are no Vetoes in the oGzL League and the map pool is shared.
    5.60: Only a 5 min break between matches is allowed. If the player exceeds that 5 min, the other player may take a FF win for that match. (Depeding on what match that was, you must wait 5 min after every FF win until you've accumulated a 4 point victory. So if the other team won G1 and that was the only game played so far, you'd have to wait a total of 20 min before it would be a 4-1 victory).
    5.70: The team that lost a game may select any of their remaining players from their player pool and they may select the next map from the Accepted Maps in the oGzL Map Pool.
    5.80: Because GGc has the problem with disconnecting when a observer leaves, if the observer is from one of the teams then that team is responsible if the game Disconnects which will be taken into account if needed to be reviewed by an admin. (Refer to the Rules in Hosting/Lag/Discontent During Matches for more details)
    5.90: Because an Admin cannot always be present during a CW, please document any important details when it comes to resolving issues that may occur during that CW. We must always assume the best from each teams and only hard proof can help peoples case when it comes to an issue or problem that may of occured.

    6.00 - Replays

    6:.10 Managers are responsible for making sure their teams replays are saved.
    6.10: Managers must upload every replay won by their team to the replay database on the site. The password for uploading replays is ogzl DO NOT email them.
    6.20: The league will try to have an Admin present to help save replays, but no guarantees so please save all your games.
    6.30: Replays must be sent in before the end of each Week ( Sunday 11:59pm EST and CET).
    6.31: If your match is scheduled Sunday, then you have until Monday Night 11:59 (CET and EST) to have the replays sent in.6.40: If the replays are not sent in on time your team will receive .2 PP for each replay missing.

    7.00 - Roster

    7.10: Teams must have minimum 5 players on their roster at all times.
    7.20: Your roster must include each players account that they will play on for league matches, country, and race.
    7.30: Players can be international.
    7.31: Players can represent countries of choice
    7.40: To add/remove players please post in on your team's profile where you must include race, country, bnet name and ggc name.
    7.50: Newly added players must wait one (1) week from the requested added time until they can play for that team in the oGzL Using a player before the week is up will result in an automatic FF.
    7.60: Double Tagging is Strictly Prohibited in the oGzL If a player is caught, from Any league, to be double tagging (Playing for 2 or more different teams) that player will be Banned from the oGzL The admin team will decide the penalty for the player's team depending on how much involvement/knowledge the team had.

    8.00 - Subcards, Racecards and Jokercards

    8.10: Each team will receive 3 Subcards and 3 Jokercards ( During Season )
    8.20: You may only use a subcard once During a Clan War. Its purpose is to allow your team to replace a player that was sent in your lineup with another player that is on your current team roster.
    8.30: Subcards may be used at any point during the CW other than during a match.
    8.40: Subcards cannot be used as a Jokercard in reviving a play that has lost and it cannot be used to sub a player that is already in the player pool.
    8.50: Jokercards are used to revive players that have already lost in replace of a player that has not played yet.
    8.51: You cannot joker someone that isnt in the 4 man player pool.8.60: Jokercards can only be used once per clan war.
    8.70: In the event your starting player is not there at the time of the match, managers can choose to either sub in another player that is not playing, or joker a player from their lineup (this player then would HAVE to play twice if needed)

    9.00 - Hosting/Lag/Discontent During Matches

    9.10: A neutral Host must be used and has to be agreed by both players.
    9.10.1: PLayers may use a Host-Bot to complete their matches, however, the account name must be the same name as seen on the team's roster.
    9.11: If an Admin is present and the players cannot agree upon a neutral host, the admin will assign the host. Otherwise Managers will have to agree upon the host.
    9.20: Its expected that both teams are to use GGc unless they agreed to use BNet. Must follow Rule 9.10 for GGc as well.
    9.30: After the 1st solo match of the CW, the losing team picks the next map thats on the oGzL Map Pool.
    9.40: There is a 2 min rule for every match where if you believe that the host is too laggy or your experiencing lag by your computer, you may request a RM.
    9.41: After 2 min, if the game is laggy the game can be saved and re-hosted if agreed by both players. Leaving a game without agreement by other player consent constitutes a forfeit.9.50: If a player needs to pause the game, they MUST notify the other player. Once the player is ready to unpause, they MUST get consent from the other player that they are ready for unpause.
    9.60: Proper hosting must be used.
    9.61: Observers must be set to Full observers.
    9.62: Game must be set on fast.
    9.63: Team lock must be on
    9.64: FullĀ unit sharing must be off.
    9.65: Random Heroes must be off.
    9.66: Random Races must be off.
    9.67: Fog of War must be on.
    9.68: Races must be determined before game is started. If player change race during countdown, the other player may leave game immediately after game is started if they wish, or the rule 9.40 no longer applies.
    9.70: If a player disconnects before 2 min, a Remake will be called.
    9.71: If a player scouts or there is interactions between the 2 players, rule 9.70 doesn't apply anymore.9.80: If a player disconnects after 2 min and an Admin is present in the game then the Admin will decide if it's a remake or a win unless both players decide to remake. If an admin is not present, the match can only be remade if both players agree. Otherwise it will be counted as a win.
    9.90: In the event of someone dropping when an Admin isn't present and the player or team thinks that he was obviously going to win but dropped, then a request for admins to review the replay can be made. Be sure to upload the replay to the database and notify the admins so that we are easily able to get the replay and watch it to give you a final decision if the player deserved the win.
    9.100: BM during the game by players or observers is strictly prohibited. If there is BM admins will generally warn the team/players first before issuing penalty points unless the BM is extreme.

    10.00 - Penalty Point System

    10.10: Penalty points are assigned directly to a team that will deduct their points earned during the season.
    10.11: 3 PPs will equal 1 Point removed from your earned points during the season. But when it comes down to if teams are tied with points, they wont have an effect on the tie breaker, thats determined by which team beat the other.10.20: Depending on what rule you break will determine how many PPs your team will receive. Some rules though depend on how many the Admins think you deserve and there is no set standard to how many you will actually receive.
    10.30: Accumulating 6 PPs during Qualifiers will get your team Removed from the oGzL
    10.40: Bad Mannering = Depends on how extreme the BMs were and is gernally consulted by more than 1 admin to determine the amount of PPs.
    10.50: Missing Replays = .2 PP per Replay Missing (PP get cut in half in turned in one day late, minimum 2 replays)
    10.60: Late Line-up = .5 PP
    10.70: Missing Line-up = 1 PP
    10.80: Forfeiting a Map = .5 PPs
    10.90: Cheating of Any Kind = Removal From the oGzL
    10.100: Players Represent a team and if they are singly caught cheating, that player's matches will all be forfeited and the team may be penalized depending on the situation.
    10.110: Playing Outside the Week = 1 PP for each day played outside the week.
    10.120: At any time, the Admin team can give out PPs if felt needed for a situation. The Admins will always discuss decision making before going through and doing it to ensure fairness.
    10.130: Failure to notify the league of a scheduled match time one day in advance = 1 PP
    10.140: .5 PP for not playing your lineup race in your first game.
    10.150: The admin team can kick a team from the league for excessive PP and poor organization at any time if we feel they are not in the best interested of the league.

    11.00 - Point System Explained

    -1 if you lose a map.
    +1 if you win a map.

    Ex. Team A vs Team B
    Team A 4-1 Team B Team A get +3 Team B gets -3.

    Rule Changes:

    At any point during the oGzL, admins have the right to add or remove rules. Usually the rules wont go into effect until the next week but the admins have the right to apply a rule at any given time. Please keep yourself updated with the rules to ensure your teams success.

    Please use common sense and do not abuse the rules, if you have a question or problem with a rule ask an admin for clarification. Some rules may be adjusted at times depending on the situation.
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oGzL Rules
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